What to do if you have insurance damage!



Report your claim to your insurance agent or company

During a time of tragedy, it is easy to make a hasty decision. Speak with your adjuster to make the best decision available         regarding your claim and circumstance. Do not sign an Insurance Repair Agreement until you are positive you want to use that company.


Mitigate damages without altering or interfering with source of loss

  • Prior to moving or mitigating, photograph loss in its entirety.

  • Secure and save any salvageable property

  • DO NOT discard ANYTHING until your adjuster has evaluated your property

  • DO NOT clean, as it may permanently set stains into property if not handled correctly

  • Keep receipts for every purchase you make, including: food, travel, and other living expenses.

  • Keep records of any time spent doing mitigation or repair, as it could be reimbursable.

  • Take your time when choosing a restoration contractor and content specialist. Make sure company is licensed, bonded, and insured. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Make a list of all damaged property that includes all ages and values of property.