• Response Time

    1. Phone Call – Rainbow Building Company will contact the homeowner via telephone within 15 minutes of your claim being reported or assigned to our company

    2. On Site Response – If emergency mitigation is needed, Rainbow Building Company will have a crew to your home within 1 hour of receiving notice of your loss.

  • On-Site Mitigation

    1. The crew assigned to your home will secure the source of loss and prevent any further damage from occurring

    2. If emergency mitigation is necessary, our crews will have the proper equipment and teams into your home immediately. Emergency mitigation may include but is not limited to: Tarping roofs to prevent leaking from stormy weather; Boarding up any open holes in your home using OSB plywood to secure site; Drying out water from flooding or leaking; Cleaning any hazardous materials or debris from the area of loss.

  • Estimating and Inspection

    1. Once emergency mitigation has completed, our sales team will enter your home and create a detailed sketch and scope of work using Xactimate, the industry standard estimating program, to help you fully understand the extent of work needed to return your home to the beautiful condition in which it stood before your loss.

    2. Our sales team and work crews will also have cameras on hand to photo-document every aspect of your loss from beginning to end to ensure that complete transparency is available and there is documentation for every step necessary to restore your home.

  • Commencement of repair work

    1. When a complete scope has been prepared and an understanding has been reached between Rainbow Building Company, the homeowner, and the insurance adjuster, we will assign a crew led by a crew leader with 10 years experience or more to refurbish your home.

    2. Our crews will cover and protect every aspect of your home to prevent any possibility of further damage during the reconstruction process. Protecting homeowners’ belongings is the first priority at Rainbow Building Company.

    3. During the job process, an open line of communication will be held between the homeowner, crew leaders, and our sales team to ensure that every step of your loss is handled properly and to homeowners’ satisfaction.

  • Completion of job

    1. Upon completion of all repair work inside of your home, our sales team will again be dispatched to review the claim process in its entirety to make sure that a beyond-satisfactory completed effort has been accomplished to return your home to its former status.

    2. During the claim review process after completion of job, delegated insurance repair money from the insurance company will be properly assigned to either the homeowner or Rainbow Building Company and a two party check will be issued and signed by both parties before any action is taken regarding monetary compensation.

    3. A detailed Completion Certificate will also be signed by both the homeowner and a representative of Rainbow Building Company to signify the completion and end of insurance repair work.

  • Smile

    1. Your job process is now complete in an expedient manner and your home has been reborn through the hard work and dedication of our crews.

    2. You are now one of the many satisfied customers of Rainbow Building Company and can relax in your newly repaired home and know that next time a loss happens or a remodeling idea appears, you have a safe, bonded, insured, and trusted company in Rainbow Building Company that will take care of you every step of the way, no matter your decisions or desires.