Its the heart of your home, Its a work space for you to create, Its where families come together. Its your personality Let Rainbow Building Company help you create your own dream kitchen. Our experts will customize a kitchen to effectively accommodate each of your needs.


Its your personal space. Allow our experts to construct a refreshing and relaxing space that allows you to get your day started right.Our job is to construct a comfortable, relaxing soothing and warm environment. We work with you to select quality faucets, sinks, showers, and bath tubs, To further personalize your space, we offer numerous ceramic tile colors and patterns. Finally, we customize your lighting, ventilation, and heating.


Its the gathering place for friends and family or play area for your children. Weather you desire to keep your basement simple with finished walls and ceilings or you wish to add a kitchen, bathroom, bar or home theater, we have you covered. Here at Rainbow Building Company our basements are always constructed with the finest workmanship and quality materials.


Molding & Trim
Molding and trim will make your home unique, its the finish and final touch to make your home say its yours. We offer the finest craftsmen and out fit and finish is beyond industry standards.